Competitive Advantages

The Sovereign Difference

As a sovereign tribal instrumentality, POEM Strategic Partnerships enjoys unique competitive advantages:

  • Reduced taxation – We are not subject to federal income taxes
  • Access to government programs, loans, grants and NMTC – Tribal entities enjoy access to special programs for economic development
  • Enhanced competitive position for federal and Department of Defense contracts – Several federal contracts are available exclusively to tribally-owned businesses
  • A more stable regulatory environment – tribal entities are regulated by tribal governments, not municipal, county or state governments

Additionally, these advantages are transferred to any businesses we acquire – alone or with our partners – and the impact on their market position and access is nothing short of transformative. At relatively little expense, we can turn struggling businesses not merely into profitable ones, but into industry leaders.

Our Corporate Family

POEM Strategic Partnerships belongs to the award-winning Mandaree Enterprises (MEL) family of companies, a successful, tribally-owned business with 30 years’ experience working with the federal government and commercial partners in industries across the United States and abroad.

Our company enjoys unparalleled leadership stability – all of our executives have been with the company for many years. As a result, our corporation benefits from comprehensive experience in a variety of industries and proven business acumen. We are seasoned federal contractors, commercial entrepreneurs and business development experts with a strong portfolio of competencies that includes IT services, facilities management, construction, and a great deal more.

Our company’s enduring success is built on a commitment to innovation and a zeal for forging strategic partnerships. We are always looking for new opportunities.