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POEM Strategic Partnerships is an entrepreneurial platform that allows non-tribal entities to partner with a sovereign Native American tribal business in the pursuit of commercial opportunities and strategic acquisitions. We engage in ventures that maximize the unique advantages accompanying tribal participation or ownership.

Our Purpose

As a branch of the People of Earth Matter (POEM) initiative, POEM Strategic Partnerships aims to raise the profile of Native entrepreneurship beyond reservation borders. We seek collaborations with non-tribal entities that enable us to realize the full value of our sovereign advantages, while building mutually-profitable and enduring business relationships.

We believe that good business is smart business – for us, our partners, and our consumers. We aim to create a successful entrepreneurial model that benefits all tribes and their businesses, their partners, their investors, and their clients.

Our Philosophy

Native American tribal values and those of their enterprises have always centered on the well-being of the community. Continuing in that tradition, we seek ways of doing business that build lasting relationships by emphasizing:

  • Inclusivity
  • Diversity
  • Shared prosperity
  • Collective power

Accordingly, POEM Strategic Partnerships treats its economic partners with respect, integrity, and transparency. Collaborations with POEM Strategic Partnerships emphasize each partner’s unique attributes and competencies, and pursue outcomes that benefit both partners equally.

Benefits of Participation

Poem Strategic Partnerships brings unique value to all of its participants:


Encounter new commercial opportunities and benefit from the POEM Strategic Partnership’s singular competitive advantages to increase their revenue bases


Enjoy an avenue for the presentation of their opportunities to potential partners, mentors and investors


Gain access to new and profitable ventures

Tribal Business Entities

Expand their economic footprints and raise awareness of their Unique Value Propositions

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